New Free Company, New Housing

The Free Company (FC) that Rand and I were in kind of went poof. Most of the people we ran and socialized with formed their own FC, Remanants of Amaurot, and we joined. I serendipitously was made the Free Company Architect, and now I am working on designing the interior of our FC house. As Aoife said, I’m a savant at these things.

That said, we started out with a small, but before the week was out, we obtained a large. And I have only one thing to say…

Thank God my OCD is medicated because this would be a nightmare of epic proportions if it weren’t. Yet despite my latent obsessive urges and the fact that housing savage is real, I am having a blast. I will take screenshots of the large when I am finished, but in the meantime, enjoy a few screenshots of the small, which is only a small taste of what is to come.