The Author


Hello. My name is Angela. I am 49 years young and have been an Internet junkie since 1992. In addition, I have worked in Information Technology for almost 30 years. Some folks might know me online as:

  • Havening: phoxxy
  • phoxxy
  • World of Warcraft: Preghiera/Upsidaisy/Magellica/Häagendaz/Mudblood
  • Guild Wars 2: Morsmordre
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Asa Meshi’mae
  • Other: Ramblgyrl, Geekgyrl, IndyGeekGyrl

As you can tell, I’m a video game hobbyist. I’m also a savage baker and cook, both of which I enjoy immensely. I love to read anything, and I’m a sponge with a damn near-photographic memory. I can regurgitate useless facts with equal annoyance and amazement to others, have impeccable attention to detail, and often that see the extraneous in a way that is unnerving. As my husband posits, it seems to go hand-in-hand with my clinical OCD. In short, I have a long memory along with being quirky and geeky.

Lastly, if you can’t handle me at my political activism, you don’t deserve me at my shitposting.



About the Site

I launched my first blog in 1998 on While I retain the rights to, my Ramblings of a Gyrl blog found a home at in the late 2000s. During my divorce a few years ago, I had stepped away from blogging yet returned last year, creating in the process. Admittedly, I am not as involved as previous, but due to recent changes in my employment (thanks, Covid!), I intend to add more content.

This site operates on WordPress, and I use Adobe Photoshop and Gimp for graphics as well as Notepad++ for editing code.


The contents of this website in no way reflect the views of my current employer and host, Liquid Web.