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New Domain, New Beginnings

For 20 years, I hosted my own blog, Ramblings of a Gyrl. With time, the site grew stale, and I eventually shuttered the site in 2018. A year later, however, I am back with a new domain and a fresh perspective.

Fans of my recipes and cooking tips can rejoice. I plan to restore all my previous recipes and tips, as time allows, while I add new ones.

Articles from my old site will remain archived offline as I write new ones under the following categories:

  • Aggro, Lag & RNGesus – Video Games, Tabletop Games, & The d20 Landscape of RPGs.
  • Cooking : Decoded – Everything you wanted to know about cooking but were afraid to ask.
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out – ID10T Errors and Other IT Horror Stories.
  • Meatspace – Life in the physical world.
  • The Junk Drawer – Random thoughts & posts.

Until then, I will be working on the layout for the site, which I hope to have completed in the coming weeks.