New Job: Part Deux

I’m a little late to the party here in posting this, but I got promoted back in June of this year at work. I had been working as a Customer Success Manager for approximately one year before I was promoted to Technical Project Manager, working specifically with the development team. So yay! I’m back doing project management again.

However, one of the side effects of working with a development team is getting the urge to jump back into the fray and start coding again. It is a rather large itch that’s begging to be scratched, but I must tread carefully because of my clinical OCD.

Finds Rabbit Hole. Gets lost in it.

I’ve contemplated tackling a Perl refresher because I haven’t thrown myself down that rabbit hole in almost 10 years, but I may stick to something “light”… perhaps redesigning my website and creating a new WordPress theme from the ground up. Wish me luck, I guess.

However, back to the point. I love my new position and think that I have settled in quite nicely. I enjoy the team and find it challenging. Biggest perk: no customers.

I liked being a Customer Success Manager well enough. However, it reminded me why I got out of customer-facing IT support roles in the first place. I was burned out and had enough. Now I’m a professional cat herder, and I love it.

So that’s it. That’s the skinny of it. Also, I’m terrible at posting and shouldn’t wait so long to do so next time.