Fun With Geneaology: Bess of Hardwick

Genealogical Relationship: 13th Great-grandmother via maternal side, descended through her son, Sir Henry Cavendish.

Fun Facts…

  • b. July 27, 1527 – d. Feb 13, 1608.
  • Born Elizabeth Hardwick but famously known as Bess of Hardwick.
  • The second richest woman behind Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabethian England.
  • Confidant to Queen Elizabeth I until their relationship soured.
  • Tasked as keeper for Mary Queen of Scots when she was imprisoned by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Married four times and became the Countess of Shrewsbury.
  • Her granddaughter, Arabella Stewart, was considered the primary successor to the throne before members of Elizabeth’s court began to favor James, son of Mary Queen of Scots, instead.
  • 10x Great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, which makes the Queen my 11th cousin 3x removed.

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