Rand did a thing…

And I said yes… along with a healthy amount of happy tears.

And now we are on to the planning…

For my first marriage, I showed up in a T-shirt and jeans at the courthouse. Now, I am actively planning and I can’t believe how nerve-wracking this is.

I’ve picked out a dress that I like. I just need to try it on and hope it fits.

Rand has been looking for a suit. I helped with his measurements and he was ready to purchase said suit… until he saw that it was a wool blend. I’m highly allergic to wool. Prolonged exposure can cause anaphylaxis. I felt so rotten that he couldn’t purchase it. He would have looked so handsome in it too.

Also, because of said allergies, I have to get a silk arrangement for my bouquet. I’ve decided that I’m not going to chance it and end up having an asthma attack during the ceremony.

We are having a non-religious ceremony because… reasons. Rand is an Atheist, and I am borderline agnostic in a “Yes, I believe in God, but I’m not a Christian and loath religion” sort of thing. And to be honest, this marriage is about us. Not God, not religion. Just us as it should be.

We want to have a small ceremony with just the kids and some of his immediate family there. I don’t have any family other than the girls. Well, I do, but I am neither close nor want anything to do with them. Again… reasons.

We will have to wrangle the boys into something other than shorts and sweats if they are to attend. I have a feeling it’s going to be like herding cats to achieve this. LOL

But I am happy. I’ve been on cloud nine all week and feel like I’m going to burst with joy every time I see Rand, look at my ring, or talk about the wedding.  I don’t necessarily believe in soulmates, but Rand is as close as it comes to having one.