I’m not dead…

I haven’t posted in a while. I’m not dead. I promise.

One of the big things I’ve been focusing on is finding a job. And lordy, it is rough out there. I’ve been looking for a Project Management position now for some time, but just when I begin to get some serious nibbles, no one takes the bait. Plus it is hard to find a job that is strictly remote. Most jobs that advertise remote want you to come into the office when Covid is over and most of these jobs are out-of-state. Phooey.

I mention Covid because I have a pre-existing medical condition. I have chronic asthma, and during the month of January, I had an asthmatic episode that took me weeks to recover from. I couldn’t breathe well for nearly a week, needed repeated nebulizer treatments, and was put on oral steroids. That was difficult enough to get through. I couldn’t imagine getting Covid as it would undoubtedly trigger an episode on top of Covid’s symptoms. I don’t know about you, but I like living… and breathing. So remote job it has to be until I get vaccinated at the very least. And as backward as Indiana’s vaccination schedule is, it’s going to be a while.

That said, I have been limiting my exposure outside of the house. The last “business” I visited was the Post Office in November. However, Rand and I shuttle the boys between our house and their mom’s every weekend, but exposure is limited to those who wait on us at the drive-through if we stop anywhere. Thankfully, we mask up when the window is down. Many service workers still don’t know how to wear a mask properly. Yikes!

Anyway. My unemployment has run out. I have yet to see an application for an extension. And I seriously need a job. I’m not dead, but I wish employers would stop treating me as if I were.