More FFXIV Housing (Updated)

I’m at it again this time with another interior design for my small house in Final Fantasy XIV. You can find my small cottage on Brynhildr in Shirogane: Ward 20, Lot 4. Feel free to check it out and if you would like a commission, please hit me up in-game on Asa Meshi’mae.

Main Floor – Framed doorway.
Main Floor – Windows on raised marble partitions and a false ceiling.
Basement Level – Raised kitchen with bookshelf insert. Table in opposite corner (not shown).
Basement Level – Moogle-themed bedroom with bay windows at the head of the bed. Soft gray walls with pastel pink curtains.
Basement Level – Another shot of the Moogle-themed bedroom. The bedroom also has a false ceiling as well as other rooms on this level.
Basement Level – View looking into bathroom with framed window.
Basement Level – Carbuncle tub with screen and verdant partition accompanied by candles for effect.
Basement Level – Last view of the bathroom. False mirror created with a Grade 1 Picture Frame and accented with lighting.

Update: 1.2.2020

Since I’ve taken down my Christmas decorations, this has freed up some slots to tweak the main floor a bit more. This is the final result:

Main Floor – Added some Doman Dogwoods in front of the windows on either side of the front door.
Main Floor – The back all was too bland. It needed a better focal point than the picture alone.
Main Floor – Moved the Grade 2 Picture frame, Glade Sideboard, and Guestbook to opposing wall.