FFXIV Housing

As some of you know, I play Final Fantasy XIV with my daughters and Rand. One of the things that I love about the game is the ability to design the interior of personal houses, which has become a big time-sink for me.

First, I started out with a medium, which ended up being an OCD nightmare. Therefore, I recently switched to a small and discovered the joys of floating items.

Before: Medium House

After: Small House

The first floor is 90% complete. As you can see, I split the first floor into two levels by lofting a bedroom and bath above the living room, kitchenette, and false patio below.

I have plans for the basement, but I’m still working through on what that will look like since I limited on available slots for items. I tried to split it evenly between 200 items, starting with 100 items on the 1st floor. I squeaked out with 110 items, which means I will need to trim a few from the main floor or get creative on the lower level.

That said, if you want to check out my progress, head over to Brynhildr and go to Shirogane, Ward 20, Lot 4.